Some of them may cause vomiting and stomach bloating.. Habits that you do not do immediately after eating

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Posted on: Sunday, May 29, 2022 – 9:56 AM | Last update: Sunday, May 29, 2022 – 9:56 AM

Have you ever wondered why essential nutrients are deficient in the body even after a balanced diet?

There are many post-meal habits that may disrupt the nutritional balance of food and hinder the body’s food absorption mechanism.

The following is a set of information about the habits that should be avoided after eating, as published by the “Health Shots” website.

• eat fruit

Fresh fruits are certainly the healthiest of all foods, but when they are eaten after meals, they mix with the food consumed and limit its absorption, and this may cause digestive problems, and also change the nutritional value of the food eaten.

• smoking

It is known that smoking is harmful to health, but doing it immediately after eating is 10 times worse, because cigarettes contain carcinogens that may exacerbate irritable bowel syndrome and lead to ulcerative colitis.

• Taking a nap

If you love a post-meal nap, it’s time to find out that it’s a bad habit, because when you sleep after a meal, the digestive juices produced by the stomach rise, causing heartburn, and the entire digestive process is affected.

• Shower

Be careful not to shower after meals, as blood rushes to the skin to regulate body temperature, which may lead to digestive problems; Where digestion requires a lot of energy.

• Playing sports

Exercising right after meals can disrupt digestion, and you may also experience vomiting and a bloated stomach.

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• Have tea/coffee

Many of us prefer to drink tea or coffee immediately after meals, but it turns out that it is harmful to health, as there are some phenolic compounds in tea and coffee that limit iron absorption, so it should not be drunk until an hour after meals.

• Drinking water

When you drink water immediately after meals, it reduces the secretion of enzymes in the stomach, and may cause acidity and bloating, making digestion difficult.



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