“”Some countries have focused their attention and resources on the fight against Covid, sometimes negatively affecting the fight against other diseases.“On Wednesday September 8, in her annual report, she described France Amfo Françoise Vanni, head of external relations for the Global Fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.Catastrophic effect “ Covid-19 on the fight against these diseases which have experienced an unprecedented decline.

franceinfo: Was this drop predictable?

Françoise Vanni: This was expected and warned of this risk as soon as the Covid-19 pandemic occurred last year. What we have today is much more precise data on that impact, which was devastating in 2020. Now we have important data that can react and stimulate the reaction and prevent this decline from continuing.

How did Covid-19 affect this drop?

Covid-19 has caused a lot of confusion in the possibility of meeting, traveling and going to health centers. Caregivers were very often affected by the disease, had to be isolated, and were unable to provide care to those who presented themselves for lack of personal protective equipment to practice their profession. The ability of medical systems, especially laboratories, to perform tests and analyze them later has been overwhelming. Due to the collapse of the supply chain, many countries have focused their attention and resources on tackling Covid, sometimes undermining the fight against other equally deadly diseases. These are all factors that have come together to influence the most vulnerable and marginalized people.

Are you worried that the situation will be the same in 2021?

Yes, despite the international response to Covid, there is still a huge injustice in the means allocated to this response in the distribution of vaccines, diagnostic equipment, protective equipment and oxygen. Therefore, the impact of Covid is expected to continue this year. Nevertheless, our report has been able to respond, innovate and adapt to specific country initiatives and Covids to allow us to continue our fight against AIDS and tuberculosis.We focus on the strength and resilience of a health system particular. .. And malaria. Now that we have identified these good practices, we have the means to better support them and support them in order to prevent the negative effects from continuing.

Why are you particularly concerned about tuberculosis?

Before the onset of Covid-19, tuberculosis was the slowest growing disease. We were no longer on track to achieve the goal of eradicating the disease by 2030, a goal set by the international community. The Covid had a more dramatic effect on tuberculosis. Tuberculosis has similar symptoms and unfortunately requires the same type of infrastructure and the same human capacity to diagnose it. Therefore, the demand for these resources was very high, not enough for Covid and tuberculosis. Tuberculosis affects marginalized and stigmatized populations that Covid believes to be further eliminated.

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“Some countries have turned their attention to epidemics which can jeopardize their fight against other diseases”, deplores Françoise Vanni.

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