Solution: Android smartphones send duplicate messages (SMS)

Solution: Android smartphones send duplicate messages (SMS) – SMS are no longer necessarily the focus of communication and have in many cases been replaced by other news services and messengers. Nevertheless, some consumers still rely on SMS and then it is of course annoying if they do not work or do not work correctly. Unfortunately, there are always indications that exactly this problem occurs and the smartphones send messages twice or even several times,

This is how a user writes directly in the Samsung forum about this problem:

My Samsung Galaxy Note 20 sends several of the same message in which I am texting. It happens with almost every text I send. I contacted support and reset connection settings, cleared my message cache and restarted my phone. It still does and I’m really frustrated because it annoys people I text as they always get 2 or 3 of the same text.

And also in this forum another consumer writes:

Almost every text message I’ve sent sends duplicate text messages. It’s very annoying! I’m also having issues where I can’t get group messages and I can’t send picture messages to specific people. Overall very frustrating. Had this kind of problems with my Samsung Note 9 too!

In this article we want to show what you can do in such cases and how to set the messages back so that each message is only sent once.

Solution: Android smartphones send duplicate messages (SMS)

In general, it is usually a problem with the settings in the Messages app if messages are sent multiple times. Therefore, you should check the following points and change them if necessary:

  • is the correct SMS center (telephone number) stored for SMS? Most of the time this isn’t a problem, but it can’t hurt to check
  • Some users report that duplicate messages were no longer sent when RCS was turned off. It is therefore worth checking whether disabling RCS will fix your own problem.
  • In general, it always makes sense to restart the Messages app and also clear the cache. To clear app cache and data, go to Settings > Apps > Messages > Storage > Clear Cache/Data. If this doesn’t work either, a factory data reset can help.
  • Another alternative for persistent problems can be to switch the Messages app. On Android you can use other apps, possible alternatives are, for example, Google Messages, Pulse SMS, Textra and SMS Organizer.

Google Messages in particular is now used by many users, as the app works well with Android (it also comes from Google) and offers interesting functions. Google itself writes about the app:

With Messages you can send and receive SMS, photos, voice messages and videos. If you don’t already have Messages installed, you can download the app from Google Play.

If you have multiple messaging apps installed on your device, you can set Messages as the default messaging app. When you do this, you can view the SMS history in the Messages app and only send and receive messages through the Messages app.

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