Solar eclipse today (June 10, 2021): A trick makes glasses unnecessary

Today we can watch a rare sky spectacle: the solar eclipse. Although it is not completely darkened in Germany, a (protected) view is still worthwhile.

Dortmund – shooting stars, super moon or comets are wonderful sky spectacles that can be observed again and again. But the sun also has a few tricks on it. A solar eclipse is not only rare, but also really impressive. Although we won’t be able to enjoy a total eclipse of the sun in June, we at least get a little taste.

event Solar eclipse
date Thursday June 10th 2021
place earth

Solar eclipse 2021: Last seen six years ago in Germany

While the sun is only slightly obscured by the new moon in Germany, the full extent of the spectacle can be seen in part of Greenland, Canada and in eastern Siberia. There the sun is completely covered by the moon and an annular solar eclipse occurs.

The spectacle is supposed to last four minutes in this part of the world, like that Daily mirror reported. It should be a very special experience, because the sun will continue to shine in a ring at the edge. In Germany, on the other hand, we have to be content with a partial solar eclipse, but that is also worth a look – after all, it was the last six years.

Solar eclipse 2021 in Germany: Up to 20 percent of the sun will be darkened

The partial solar eclipse can be seen in Germany on June 10th. On this day the moon will move in front of the sun – up to 20 percent of the sun can then be covered, as reported by the Vereinigung der Sternenfreunde eV. That depends on the location in Germany – in the north it can be up to 20 percent and in the south only up to 6 percent.

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The moon’s shadow should therefore run from west to east. Thus, the lunar eclipse begins in Aachen at 11.21 a.m., in Braunschweig at 11.30 a.m. and in Frankfurt / Oder at 11.40 a.m. After the start of the solar eclipse, it takes an hour for the sun to reach its maximum coverage. Another hour later, the phenomenon is over again.

Solar eclipse 2021: For a perfect view, the clouds in NRW have to clear

For a perfect view of the solar eclipse, gray clouds and the thunderstorm fronts of the past few days have to clear in North Rhine-Westphalia. So far, the weather forecast by the German Weather Service has been mixed. There it says: “In the west and north, showers only occur locally and it usually remains dry. In addition, the sun shows up for a long time, especially in the southwest. ”(All news about weather and climate at RUHR24)

A reliable weather forecast cannot yet be conclusively given, so we still have to keep our fingers crossed! But not only good and cloud-free weather is a prerequisite to be able to marvel at the solar eclipse. Eye protection must also be taken into account.

Do not marvel at a solar eclipse without protection – sunglasses are not enough

If you look up at the sky during your lunch break on Thursday, you should definitely wear solar eclipse glasses. “All other aids do not dampen the sunlight sufficiently, permanent eye damage would be the result,” write the Sternenfreunde. Sunglasses are not enough.

Either you can quickly buy such glasses for a few euros in retail stores or find the old solar eclipse glasses from 1999 in the attic. This year the last total solar eclipse was seen in Germany.

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Observing the solar eclipse in 2021: There is a trick to do it without glasses

But there is another way to watch the spectacle indirectly, like that Daily mirror reported. Accordingly, the astrophysicist Mirko Krumpe from the Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam (AIP) recommends binoculars for the solar eclipse.

The large opening is held towards the sun and the image is projected onto a sheet of paper. Important: never look through the binoculars. But the method should be used with caution, because the strongly bundled light can cause the sheet of paper to go up in flames. On the other hand, there were fewer dangers with the last super moon, which could be viewed without additional protective measures.

People in Europe could marvel at the last super moon on May 26th.

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Total solar eclipse will not return to Germany until 2081

People who will miss the June solar eclipse will have the next chance at the spectacle in October 2022. Even then, however, it will again be “only” a partial solar eclipse.

The next total darkening of the sun will only be seen in Germany in 2081. Anyone who will no longer experience this should look at the sky again in 2026 (with safety glasses!). Then the sun will only be partially considered – but up to 85 percent.

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