Solar Eclipse: Northern Hemisphere residents watch ‘Ring of Fire’ cross our planet”

photo released, Getty Images

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Solar eclipse as it rises over New York City Thursday morning مدينة

On Thursday, the northern hemisphere witnessed a unique celestial eclipse of the sun, but unfortunately the inhabitants of the Arab world could not watch it.

This event is known as an annular eclipse, as the moon’s shadow moves over the sun’s disk, but it does not completely block the light emitted by it.

At the height of this eclipse, the moon could be seen transforming the sun, within a short period, into a thin luminous ring like a “circle of fire” in the sky.

Only a few residents of the highest latitudes in an area equivalent to about 2 percent of the Earth’s area could see this event: northwest Canada, the far north of Russia and northwest Greenland. In the Arctic, the occultation rate was about 88 percent.

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