Sol Pérez told what is the phrase that bothers her the most about her boyfriend

Sol Pérez Y Guido Mazzoni celebrate their love from two years ago. However, as in the rest of the couples, not all of them are pink. The model and future lawyer told details of those tense moments in an interview.

“No one gives in in the discussions”Sol said to the program Relentless. And in that context he counted what is the phrase that bothers you the most about Guido in a fight.

“I hate being told «Stop inflating the …“‘ I hate it! He knows that this is a phrase that I do not like ”, he asserted.

We lived together two years ago, we know each other and yesWe know that when one is leaving, the other has to go down. If I go, he leaves me alone and then says “hey, fat man, don’t you have to ask me for forgiveness.” That’s when I realize that I have to apologize ”, admitted Sol Pérez.

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