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Windows doesn’t really cause problems until it’s too late for your storage. Especially for HDDs, it’s nice to see if you don’t have bad sectors. A great tool to spot problems before they get too big.

Precisely. I haven’t found an easier alternative yet. You can read the status via wmic diskdrive get status† But then you only get a list of statuses (in disk number order, but not marked), no further information. That’s not close to what you can see at a glance with Crystaldiskinfo. Nevertheless, the command can come in handy in an emergency.

What I personally really like about SSDs is being able to read the total number of bytes written, so that you can make an estimate of how long the SSD should last. For that you want to have attribute 241, but that is not reported by every drive under that heading. If the information is available, Crystaldiskinfo will return the number of “Total Host Writes”.

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