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More crazy things have been going on in the past few days.
Mine suddenly stopped answering requests and it turned out (after much searching) because the Adguard browsing security was on and that service was unreachable.
Additionally, all Adguard forward resolvers were also unreachable.
Changed it and then it worked again, until later suddenly replied ‘denied’ to everything. Apparently it had enough and blocked me.
After that, even the entire Adguard was stuck and unreachable.

It’s been running fine for months and months, no idea how it all came about.
Now everything seems stable again.

Updated to the latest version now, and when I try to enable one of the bottom three options at settings > general in the top block, I get:
Error: control/safebrowsing/enable | only app/json is allowed | 415
(Or similar with slightly different text for those other two options)

[Reactie gewijzigd door vrow op 29 september 2022 23:41]

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