Sofía Zámolo broke into tears in the air when she saw a photo of her mother who died of cancer

Sofia Zamolo was the great guest to Los Angeles in the Morning where they reviewed their news, their work, the arrival of their daughter California and also talked about How is the death of your mother María Cristina Guerrero who died of pancreatic cancer months away today shortly after his granddaughter was born.

The model burst into tears when Ángel de Brito conducted an interview with her and images of her and her mother passed in the background and the driver himself had to ask to take the photos so that she could compose herself and continue the talk. “It was all at the same time, my mother’s illness, losing her and preparing to be a mother at the same time. I see my mom and I can’t… From the beginning, my favorite person in the world was my mom… I can’t even speak, ”said Zámolo on the eltrece program.

It was very difficult at first to connect, like all the time I was trying to connect with the happiness of being a mother, especially taking into account what it had cost to get pregnant ”, explained Sofía later.

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But that was not all, Sofía Zámolo admitted that she also felt guilty about enjoying motherhood while her mother was battling cancer: “At the same time I felt guilty because I had all the sadness for everything that I was living with Mom. With mom it happened to me that I did not know how long I stayed with herSo I lived like that mixture of being with my daughter and trying to enjoy her to ful and at the same time to enjoy her to mother. My two favorite people in the world ”.

Sofía Zámolo burst into tears in the air when she saw a photo of her mother who died of cancer.

Sofía Zámolo’s mother died

Sofía Zámolo said that her mother had liver and pancreatic cancer, but that he was in treatment. Finally the woman could not bear and died.

“Since many share my day to day and ask me, my mother has pancreatic and liver cancer. And although my soul is in pieces, I pray without stopping and I ask and thank you for your prayers thinking of her. Thank you for your messages of love and constant encouragement. Love is felt“, he had told a few days ago.

This morning, the model confirmed that María Cristina had died and fired her on social networks. “My Queen. You were the mother that every daughter dreams of, blessed to be your children! I love you I love you I love you“, started.

You are in every part of my life, of my soul, of my day to day. How am I going to do without you from now on. Heaven welcomes you with open arms, madrassa, warrior, lioness, fighter and resilient since she was a little girl, “she said.


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