Sofía Pachano: “Argentina has something very ugly with aesthetics, if you do not enter the 3% hegemony, you start with traumas from a very young age”

Sofia Pachano alone with Teleshow

“Feeding has to be a responsibility,” he says. Sofia Pachano. “The immune system is going to be fine if you eat well,” he says. In front of Argentine cooks, by Public TV, the multifaceted artist emphasizes the importance of giving a message while being aware that it speaks to the population of the entire country.

After participating in MasterChef celebrities, the most watched program on Argentine television during the pandemic, Pachano confirms that at the moment he is not thinking of starting a restaurant. “All my friends in the business tell me not to do it because then gastronomy becomes another topic.”

The actress is working on what will be her first book. The material, scheduled for publication by the end of the year, is dedicated to his grandparents. The driver, who recently lost her grandmother desired, says that he got to read the introduction to him before his departure. “At least he was able to know in life that he was going to pay this tribute,” she says excitedly.

In this interview with Teleshow, the artist is encouraged to confess what she thinks of the first search that appears in Google associated with her name: “nose”. We invite you to watch this video to find out what else people wonder about the daughter of Hannibal Pachano.

—How are you having this experience on Public TV?

-Very good! Getting used to the daily. I’m used to the theater, everything is very different. The good thing about it Chefs is that we can talk about millions of things, but being in the Public TV rating doesn’t haunt you all the time. It is not that because of a cockroach they are telling me to change the subject because it does not work. They let you be a little more and let the program flow. Also, that it’s so federal was one of the reasons I accepted. It is a responsibility.

—You had already driven but not live or with this popularity.

“The adrenaline of the living … You say silly things and that’s it.” I posed it as a challenge but I tried not to win over fear and insecurity. It is an opportunity for a path that I had been doing. It amuses me, it’s like a game.

“You mentioned the rating.” Coming from being in MasterChef, the number one program on television in terms of ratings, how does it play on the ego to go to the Public Television with another format?

“It’s a mime because now I’m driving, not participating.” It is a growth in relation to my gastronomic part and it is something more in the long term. Beyond that in MasterChef It was seen that I was interested in gastronomy, it was also seen that I was interested in a type of gastronomy. She was the only vegetarian, so she was like: “Hey, here we are, don’t forget about us, it’s not just eating salad.”

“Did you like to participate?”

-Handsome! It is one of the formats that does not fail worldwide. I went through everything: hating him, loving him, loving him, crying, laughing. It is still a reality in which emotions are put. I fell asleep at three in the morning looking at recipes, writing down. They let us in with some notebooks, they are not machetes, but I don’t know … “The mass sablé is 200 …”, the ideas. I stayed until three in the morning. MasterChef it was really cool.

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“Speaking of cooking, there are some anecdotes in restaurants with your dad, of fights and sit-ins in the middle of the place …

“Oh, always!” It was very pachanesco to do that. There came a time when we stopped going to restaurants. If we are going to fight in each restaurant and one of us is going to leave, it is a piece of cake. We were already known. I said: “Someone is going to record us.”

“When your dad was the one who left, did he at least leave the bill paid?”

-Not! Surely he was leaving, but that way he would come back later. He would show and come back. That’s very Pachano, too. “I stop, I abandon the mobile”, it was used a lot. I leave you dinner and I go, but then I come back.

—How much did it cost to stop being “the daughter of” in the middle?

I constantly vary by profession because I feel that one does not have to be one thing but to have many tools for creativity. I vary but “the daughter of” is marked in my profession. Usually, it is: “Sofía Pachano”, “Ah, Aníbal’s daughter?”, “Oh, what am I killing myself for?” I don’t know if it weighed on me at one point, I guess more than a girl to show that the place had achieved it. Obviously, I am Hannibal’s daughter and I started in Showmatch because my dad was a jury. That worked, but maintenance over the years I earned for my work. It weighed on me the first years, now it makes me laugh.

—Your dad told me that when he had Covid he was with your dog, with Apollo, and that he had also been infected

—We almost killed him with my mother because we told him: “You can’t say my dog ​​had Covid! You did not do an analysis ” (laughs) Those things are very Hannibal. People wrote to me. “Did your dog have Covid? Tell me now ”. At what point? “But he was very down.” Maybe he was down because he didn’t come out, because he saw him down, because he missed me. He had Covid around there, but we We cannot know, it has to be determined by a veterinarian. Those things are my father’s things that… They are struggles. Apollo is fine, he is here next to me, sleeping in his covered bed. Break the balls as usual but that’s okay.

“How’s the courtship?” They had a time of different cities, and now the pandemic makes them live together?

-Good very good. The pandemic caught us when we were starting, we kept talking for all the months that we couldn’t see each other and now it’s here. We are living together but we like to say that we are citizens of the world. Today we live here, tomorrow somewhere else. Even if each of you is in a city, you can safely maintain a relationship with your partner. It is a somewhat old concept that you have to live in the same house, sleep in the same bed, be in the same … It was more of our grandparents that.

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—You are not possessive in ties

“I don’t know if it has to do with being possessive.” Freedom is the foundation of the couple. The other has to be in the place he wants to be and, over there, it’s me here and he there if he gets a job. I’m still from a generation that you have to get married, have children, that mandate. But I also think that freedom is important as the basis of the couple because so we will last a lot of years. Otherwise, it will not work.

Sofía Pachano “I am an only child and it is difficult because you have no way of dividing the responsibilities”

“Is it true that as a girl they didn’t let you have a boyfriend stay at your house?”

“Yes, that is spectacular.” Poor my ex boyfriend. My dad didn’t want to, my mom did, Aníbal has something that is that you see everything liberal and zero, it is very structured. My boyfriend at that time lived in Haedo and we lived in Almagro, and I used to tell him: “Dad, you can’t go.” I always more mature, I said to him: “There is something that you are not understanding. If you tell me that you have to leave at 12 at night, as it is a danger, you are not seeing reason. Do you want me to sleep on the couch? He sleeps on the couch ”,“ No, he doesn’t sleep here ”.

—How did you experience everything that has to do with your health as a daughter in recent years?

—I grew a lot with his health issues. In recent years, I try to always look at the positive. It is complex to accompany. Those of us who accompany us need to be accompanied, too. I am an only child and it is difficult because you have no way of dividing the responsibilities. Everything fell on me. Especially when the cancer thing happened. He came with a lot of quilombo. He had to take care of his health, his finances, his house. It had to be sorted out and more so with what had just happened: my dad had a tremendous cancer. Today, with Monday’s newspaper, you see it and say: “Che, crazy, you have a capacity for self-destruction and healing in the same meter sixty-four that I can not believe”. Another person in his place would no longer be among us.

“Yes, an enormous healing capacity.”

If you ask me what I would like to inherit from him, that is it. Not the self-destruct part, obviously. This to put the chest to the bullets. Also listening. At the time he was not listening and when he got sick, he went to the Health Foundation and it was a before and after. For me also as a companion, knowing how to accompany him and understand that the disease was his and that he was going to do whatever he wanted. I accompany you in your decisions and there is also a limit in the accompaniment.

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—Some of the questions that we are asking ourselves as a society have to do with aesthetic demands. How do you get along with yourself, with your own body and with the look of the outside?

—It took me many years because of how Argentina is. I don’t feel like the rest of the world is like that, so aesthetic for everyone. In the rest of the world there are people who work on TV and those who do not work on TV do not have that aesthetic weight of the daily. We all have it here since we were very little. I remember friends of mine that at the age of 11 the hairs on their legs grew a little and their mothers took them to wax. Argentina has something very ugly with aesthetics. If you don’t enter that 3% hegemony, you start with traumas from a very young age.

“Did it cost you to get out of that place?”

—A lot of therapy and acceptance of a lot of things. When I did it … I mean, it’s not that I love myself completely, I do love myself. I know that other things are worth much stronger than aesthetics. I do say, “Uh! I should train a little bit, ”but I do it because I want to, not because men won’t like it.

“Now, at no point did it become a problem for you?” There were no health or nutritional issues in adolescence related to aesthetics.

“No, thank God no.” So, When someone criticizes me on social media, I share it so that we understand that we shouldn’t comment on the other’s body. The networks gave us very good things but that part … Also in the gossip programs everyone could comment on the other, his life, his body, what he wore. Only now, in the last year and a half, is it changing. Cost much. You do not know how the other is to receive that criticism. On the covers of magazines or in the media it has been said: “Look how he aged!”, “Look how good!” There is neither good nor bad for growing old. Sometimes in life you have a lot of blows, you are going to age as you can. Besides, getting old is not bad. It is what is going to happen to us.


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