Sofa 100 francs more expensive – Ikea is increasing prices in all ranges drastically


The delivery problems are felt more and more. Now the furniture store is reacting. Shopping at Ikea is getting significantly more expensive.

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The furniture store is pushing prices up by an average of 9 percent worldwide.

The furniture store is pushing prices up by an average of 9 percent worldwide.

20min / Michael Scherrer

The reason given by Ikea was delivery problems due to the Corona crisis.

The reason given by Ikea was delivery problems due to the Corona crisis.

20min / Michael Scherrer

  • Ikea is increasing its prices worldwide.

  • All product ranges are affected.

  • The furniture store cites the consequences of Corona as the reason.

The furniture retailer Ikea wants to raise prices sharply. An Ikea spokesman announced on Thursday that price increases of nine percent on a global average are planned. The move affects all countries and all product ranges, but not every product should become more expensive.

The price increases would vary significantly from country to country, since the costs in the individual countries are also very different. In Switzerland, for example, the Stockholm sofa model costs 100 francs more, the lacquer side table is 2 francs more expensive (more examples in the picture gallery above).

Additional ships ordered due to delivery problems

As a reason, Ikea cited the consequences of the corona crisis, which were becoming more and more noticeable worldwide. Delivery bottlenecks would have a negative impact on costs. It is uncertain how long the cost inflation will last. “That is why we are also increasing the prices of our products for the first time since the start of global price increases,” said the spokesman.

In the meantime, the Ikea group is working on mitigating the effects of global supply chain interruptions in operations and improving the availability of products. The company has taken measures such as providing additional ships and loaders to bring ships with Ikea products to the branches.

Prices should also fall again

Ikea Germany boss Denis Balslev had already announced price increases at the beginning of December with reference to globally disrupted supply chains, higher transport costs and high raw material prices, for example for wood, metal and foam.

Ikea will closely monitor the development of the cost of raw materials and transport and adjust prices if necessary, it said. It is the intention of the group to give back every reduction in purchase prices to the customers.

At the end of October, Ikea Switzerland reported delivery problems with popular cabinets from the Pax series and the legendary Billy shelves. According to the company, the problems could continue “into fiscal year 2022”.

Ikea achieved record results in the last financial year, which ended in August 2021, with sales of 1.227 billion Swiss francs. The online business increased by 23.3 percent. The growth is due, among other things, to the corona pandemic, in which furnishings are in great demand and online trade is generally booming.

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