[Société] “The situation remains worrying and unsatisfactory”

“Reunion is one of the regions of France most affected by the virus today,” said the prefect in the introduction. “The situation remains worrying and unsatisfactory,” adds Martine Ladoucette of the ARS.

“We can consider that the situation is contrasted from an epidemic point of view,” notes the prefect. This explains why Reunion no longer follows the national de-escalation plan, but a strategy adapted to the territory. Certainly, Reunion is recording some good news, in particular a slight decrease in the positivity rate and a slight relaxation in hospitalizations in Covid medicine.

But the situation remains worrying and unsatisfactory according to the ARS. We note in particular an increase in the transmission of the virus in children under 45, with significant contagiousness potential. It should also be noted that a quarter of contact persons at risk were in turn infected. This is more than in metropolitan France. Contact-tracing is therefore less efficient, in particular due to the greater contagiousness of the South African variant, but also to the relaxation of isolation.

65 deaths in 5 weeks, of which almost 1 in 2 were under 50

Regarding the occupation of medicine and intensive care beds, it remains too high under the Covid. For the Covid, between 20 and 30 Reunionese must be hospitalized, which is more than half of the initial capacity available on the island. “We can only cope by increasing the number of beds, at the cost of the sustained work of the nursing staff, but also of the reinforcements that we are asking for from the national. So far we have obtained them, but for some time ( …) we have less than our requests “.

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Men get vaccinated less than women

Faced with this situation, the ARS recalls that vaccination is “fundamental”. 186,000 Reunionese are now vaccinated. Or a little more than 1 in 5 Réunion Islanders, or 1 in 3 of the eligible population. But 80% of the eligible population has not yet taken the vaccination process, including the most vulnerable.

Men are vaccinated less than women when they are more vulnerable to severe forms. Ditto for those over 75 and over 65 who are only one in 2 people to be vaccinated. People with chronic or at-risk pathologies, diabetics for example, while 40% of hospitalized in Covid intensive care are.

“The faster we can protect ourselves, the faster we guard ourselves against the risk of other variants appearing”

Also note that severely obese: 8 out of 10 did not receive a single injection. “We all have a good reason to be vaccinated,” notes the ARS. People who recognize that they want to wait: “to these people I would say that it does not seem to me that there are good reasons to wait, but that there are good reasons to act strongly and quickly”.

Virus transmission will not magically disappear, nor will it slow down under the effect of climatic conditions. Collective immunity is not within reach in Reunion Island because there are too few infected people. It would take over 4 years from now to hope for it. We can only get it by vaccination “.

“The genome of the coronavirus was already known”


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