So were the last days of Daniel Auster’s life, Ruby’s father, his 10-month-old daughter who died of an overdose – PEOPLE Online

Daniel, the son of novelist Paul Austerdied of an overdose at 44 years while he was out on bail for the death “accidental” of her 10-month-old daughteraccording to local media on April 28.

It should be remembered that, on April 17, Daniel Auster was arrested charged with involuntary manslaughter and criminal negligence for the drug-related death of his daughter. In this sense, the autopsy performed on the baby showed that she had lost her life as a result of a heroin and fentanyl overdosea strong opioid similar to morphine.

According to the police report, on November 1 Daniel Auster He injected heroin at his home in Park Slope, a suburb of Brooklyn, New York. after his wife Zuzan Smith left for work.

When she woke up, the 10-month-old baby was “with blue lips and rigid eyes”. Also, the son of Paul Auster He said that before calling 911, he gave him ‘Narcan‘, a nasal spray used to reverse an opioid overdose, “in case the girl had been exposed to narcotics”he confessed.

Details of the death of Daniel Auster

Daniel Auster died in hospital on Tuesday, April 26six days after being found unconscious from an overdose of drugs on the platform of a Brooklyn subway station.

Official NYPD sources confirmed Thursday that he was found at 9:48 a.m. on the northbound G platform on the New York City subway. Clinton Street en Clinton HillBrooklyn, and quickly taken to the hospital.

So far, neither Paul Auster his father, nor Lydia Davis issued any opinion on the death of his son, nor his 10-month-old granddaughter, for which Daniel had been arrested charged with involuntary manslaughter and criminal negligence. According to local media, the renowned writer did not see his son for 14 years.

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