“So that you don’t feel lethargic and lazy in the summer”… 5 ways to make you like a horse

With high temperatures and fluctuations in the weather, some of us may suffer from lethargy and laziness during the day and the lack of desire to spend some tasks and the constant feeling of the desire to sleep, so we discuss during this report with Life Coach Nashwa Jaber the best tips that help in eliminating the feeling of laziness:

Morning shower:

It is preferable when waking up from sleep that we take a warm shower in the morning to get rid of the remnants of sleep, fatigue and laziness, and to make sure that the beginning of the day is in a good way. Taking a shower in the morning provides the body with energy and vitality.

Playing sports:

It is preferable that you exercise throughout the day, there must be a specific hour to do some exercises that help relax the muscles and build the body correctly.

healthy diet:

Eating a healthy diet per day may increase the chances of getting more positive energy and reduce inactivity in the case of healthy diets free of fat and useless foods, it may be a healthy indicator of building the body well and in the case of building the body well and eating healthy diets May make the body in a state of well-being and vitality.


There must be enough time to relax for a period not exceeding thirty minutes if you are at work and not exceeding an hour if you are at home. The moments of relaxation are formed in deep breathing, acceptable stretching, and meditating on something positive that makes you bring positive energy to you.


Drink natural juices that give you energy and vitality, preferably cold juices that naturally hydrate the body and also maintain a large amount of water.

summer fight

Playing sports
Playing sports

Relaxing at work
Relaxing at work

cold juices
cold juices



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