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Back in December 2020, Honda loudly announced its imminent exit from the Russian automotive market. However, official dealers of this brand are still working, and you can still buy new cars from them! Something went wrong?

Honda is one of those companies that did not dare to localize production in Russia. If the organization of the assembly was discussed, it never went public: officially, a plant on the territory of the Russian Federation was not even planned. Although there were prerequisites for this, after all, during the period of rapid development of the Russian market, sales of Honda cars grew by leaps and bounds and in 2008 reached a record 89 thousand cars. Then the Japanese brand was ranked eleventh in the ranking: Hondas sold better than Kia, Volkswagen or Skoda cars!

But on this wave of success, the Russian representative office of the company made a serious mistake: based on record sales, on the eve of the crisis, managers ordered an excess number of new cars for our market. 2009 Hondas could be bought from dealers until 2011, and deliveries of new models were delayed because of this. It became more and more difficult to compete with Russian-made cars, and Honda gradually lost interest in the Russian market: there was no question of returning to their former positions.
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