Snapshot for update 1.18 enchants the players

of Rhonda Bachmann
The release of the second part of Minecraft’s “Caves & Cliffs” updates is still a long time coming. However, in order to give the players a small foretaste of the upcoming innovations, an experimental snapshot can now be downloaded. This is something of a little beta for the upcoming patch and should show what the developers have been working on.

After the complex update “Caves & Cliffs” for Mojang’s block game had to be postponed, the patch was simply split into two parts. The first part of the expansion, Patch 1.17, was then released on June 8th. The second part of the update, which will be named 1.18, is still being worked on. One reason for the shift is the new world generator, which intervenes deeply in the existing code. The developers want to make it possible to use the update on already existing worlds without causing too much damage.

When the second part of the “Caves & Cliffs” update will appear is still open. So that the players can still get an insight into what the Mojang developers are currently doing, a snapshot of update 1.18 can now be downloaded. Players can install this snapshot separately, try out the new world generator, and leave feedback while the new features are still in the works.

Some players have already checked the snapshot and are sharing their findings on social media. The new world heights and depths and the generation of caves seem to be particularly well received. In addition to the previous caves, there are now also the variants Cheese, Spaghetti and Noodle. Cheese refers to huge systems of caves, while spaghetti caves are long and narrow. Noodle caves are the smallest and probably also the most claustrophobic variety. Those who are not into caves can take a closer look at the new mountain biomes with high, snow-covered peaks, meadows or snow-covered slopes.

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