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SMIC woman humiliated on LCI: threatened, journalist Julie Graziani apologizes for her polemical remarks

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The former columnist of the show "The incorrect" of LCI, returned to his polemical remarks, concerning a mother who touched the SMIC. Julie Graziani says she regrets her words. She also explains being threatened.

Her opinion on the situation of a mother of two who touched the SMIC had aroused indignation: the columnist Julie Graziani returned this Friday on what she said this week on the set of LCI, in the show "24h Pujadas". She had commented on an exchange between Emmanuel Macron and an isolated mother of Rouen who tries to live with the SMIC with her two children. "Did she work well at school? "Asked the young woman, before giving this incredible advice:" If we are at the SMIC, well maybe we should not divorce either. " On CNews, this Friday, November 8, the speaker gave some explanations.

"I go on an idea that seems good (…) and suddenly I'm racing, and it goes, and it goes. I projected on this lady without knowing her my childhood memories that have returned to the figure and my anxieties. I experienced precariousness when I was young. I saw the money problems of my father, who went bankrupt, my father humiliated, "said the columnist said to have" felt overwhelmed by this emotion. "

She adds, "I'm really sorry. My remarks were excessive, not intelligent. If people thought that was what I thought, of course it's horribly hurtful (…) It was really stupid. I am really sincere when I say it. The idea of ​​substance was not silly, but it should not be formulated like that. I am very touched. When I said it, I realized that what I said was not good. I deserved to be laughed at. It was done.

"I should not have collaborated with this newspaper"

The reporter also said to be threatened: "It was atrocious. People made calls for murder, rape, they said they were going to burn my house, they threatened my children. At times, I was afraid they would find my address and come to my place. I'm still scared. "

Julie Graziani also returned to his dismissal of the magazine "The incorrect", which followed his comments. "I experienced it as a relief. I do not work for them, I'm not an employee, I write forums. I am not paid. When I joined The incorrectpeople had warned me 'beware, they have the label of extreme right'. (…) I realized that over the months, it was not my ideas, "says the journalist.

"Every time I took the defense of Muslims in France, or tried to have a positive view of immigration, I was called to order," the journalist describes. I was told 'do not say that, you're too naive'. (…) I am not extreme right. I am unclassifiable (…) I should not have (collaborate with this newspaper). I should have been wary of more. It was not my ideas.

Julie Graziani says today feeling "relieved, liberated. These were things I had in me for a long time. I was going to (…) I'll come back, but I'll take a step back. I need it. My subject will be inaudible. In the meantime, I'll let the wave calm down. If people can remember that I'm not like that and it can happen to everyone, "she said.


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