Smartwatch is cheaper and much better than expected

Many details about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 have already been leaked. Now an insider reveals that the smartwatch with the new Google operating system is even cheaper than the Galaxy Watch 3 and has a huge advantage over other smartwatches.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic for 399 euros

Amazon recently leaked US prices for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Even then, we said that you can’t just convert these into euros. Now another source provides us with euro prices – and they are not as high as you would expect for a completely redesigned smartwatch. While the Galaxy Watch 3 (for the test) started with reduced VAT at 418 euros, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic should start at 399 euros (source: Twitter). How can the Galaxy Watch 4 be so “cheap”? The source believes that Samsung may not have chosen the highest quality materials.

From another side, we get another exciting detail about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. The smartwatch is said to be full 16 GB of internal memory (Source: SamMobile). In the Galaxy Watch 3, 8 GB were used, which is a lot for a watch. This has many advantages for users. You can load even more apps and music onto the smartwatch and use them on the go.

Im Video you can see what the current Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 can do:

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Anything Better?

Samsung could come up with the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic in our opinion a really big hit. The new Google operating system, which was developed together with Samsung and Fitbit, works perfectly with Samsung’s Android smartphones. There is a brand new processor, which should improve the performance and runtime. In addition, the new sensor, a revised design, more memory and the price should drop. If all the rumors are confirmed, the Apple Watch needs to dress warmly.

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