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These products make your home “smarter”

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“Smart Home” products can help you with many things in everyday life.

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Smart home systems have many advantages: They provide more comfort in your own home, provide security and heat energy can also be used more efficiently. You can find an overview of the most useful products here.

Einto a typical everyday problem: you had to leave the house in all hustle and bustle and ask yourself on the way: have I closed all windows? Smart home systems save you pondering and can make your life easier in many other situations – and they can even save you money. Find out here which products are worth their money.

What is “Smart Home”?

In a smart home, i.e. a smart home, sensors or cameras are installed, for example, which can be networked with each other in order to fulfill special tasks in the areas of security, comfort or energy efficiency. The devices can be controlled centrally, so that access is also possible on the go. For example, when leaving the office, the heating can be turned on so that it is already comfortably warm at home later – without the need to heat the whole day unnecessarily. Or: You will receive a message on your smartphone as soon as the washing machine has finished its program. You can also use this to check whether you have switched off electrical devices and report sensors on windows and doors when an unauthorized person is working on your home. Smart home lamps are also particularly practical. Smart home systems can also be conveniently supplemented and controlled using so-called smart speakers such as the voice assistants from Amazon Echo or Google Home.

How does networking work?

Smart home systems generally require an access point connected to the Internet, i.e. a central control unit in which the data collected is bundled so that they can be called up clearly on an app, for example. However, some smart home products can also be controlled without such an access point – here it is important to study the product descriptions before buying. The various devices can be easily navigated using WLAN sockets.

The best providers for smart home products

Before you decide on a smart home system or individual smart home products, you should consider which provider best meets your personal requirements. It is advisable to stay with a manufacturer for reasons of compatibility. In addition, many users like to fall back on brands that can be assumed to rely on smart home products in the long term and thus also offer the necessary support and further developments. After all, nothing would be more annoying than to stock up on devices extensively, only to find out after a few years that the app for operating the products is no longer updated.

Homematic IP

Smart thermostats are recommended for individual and efficient room temperature control. The manufacturer Homematic IP already offers an extensive range of products to convert your own home into a smart home. These include a Smart Home wall thermostat *, which determines both the target and actual temperature and the air humidity and can therefore adapt the climate as required using the appropriate Smart Home heating thermostats *. If electrical heaters are used, they can also be controlled thanks to a Homematic IP switch socket *. Alternatively, it is also advisable to buy a complete starter set * – this includes an access point for central control via the app and four radiator thermostats. In addition, two contacts are included, which make it possible to recognize open doors or windows. The access point also has the advantage that it can also be used via Alexa voice control.


The Netatmo brand also has several practical smart home products on offer. The weather station * can be used to measure temperature, humidity, indoor and outdoor air quality and noise levels, among other things – messages on the smartphone inform you when it is time to ventilate or when the noise level in your own home becomes a health hazard can. In addition, the smart surveillance camera from Netatmo * can provide more security – you will be informed via cell phone alarm when people are in front of your home. You can also use the app to see directly what’s going on.

Bosch Smart Home

Bosch Smart Home products also offer extensive functions – with the starter set *, which contains a Smart Home Controller for central control, motion detectors, smoke detectors and door / window contact, users can protect their homes from fires and uninvited guests. As an extension, several adapter plugs * can be used, which can be connected to the Smart Home Controller in order to control electrical devices such as a coffee machine centrally. The power consumption of the devices can also be viewed in the app and they can be programmed for individual use as required.

Magenta Smart Home

Telekom offers another smart solution with Magenta Smart Home – a starter kit * for window contacts. The smart home system can be expanded with other products such as an adapter *, so that lamps can be switched on or off from anywhere using the Magenta app.


The company Lupus Electronics has some other smart extensions for their own homes on offer: For example, a Lupusec water detector * can be installed that sounds the alarm before there is expensive water damage in the house. The signal is transmitted to the alarm system *, which can provide information via SMS, for example.

Fritzbox / AVM Smarthome

Would you like to forego the purchase of a starter kit? AVM has developed the intelligent FRITZ! DECT 210 * socket for this – it can be controlled via FRITZ! Fon via DECT, as well as via PC, smartphone or tablet. The AVM smart home system is particularly useful for users of a Fritz! Box, as it can complement their own home network.

Innogy Smart Home

Last but not least, the Innogy Smart Home products should also be mentioned: The starter set * enables safe living. Motion and smoke detectors sound the alarm in the event of fire or uninvited guests and thanks to the door and window sensor, you can also use the app to check whether all doors and windows are locked. The smart home center is also included.

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This article was first published on September 3, 2019.