Smart home battery saves money, with or without solar panels

The Dutch start-up Charged has developed a home battery, which in the future should become part of an ecosystem of connected devices to generate and store energy. A smart reader is built in that monitors the electricity price. At favorable electricity prices, the battery can be recharged, and at high prices the electricity can be sold again.

The battery itself is not that special: 5 kWh storage capacity based on lithium ferrophosphate technology, better known as LFP. An inverter with a capacity of 2 kilowatts is integrated.

The market in the Netherlands for batteries to store solar energy is not that big yet, due to the netting arrangement. According to Charged, this battery can increase the self-consumption of the solar panels by 30 percent, from an average of 30 to 50 to 60 to 80 percent.

The battery must work with all brands of solar panels and inverters, and in many cases can simply be connected to the socket via the plug. A crowdfunding campaign has now been launched to market the Sessy, which costs 2750 euros.

Solar Magazine

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