Slot: ”I’d rather see that the players can just keep it up for ninety minutes”

While it was not the last exhibition game of the pre-season, today was the last game before the first official game of the season is scheduled for Thursday. FC Drita in Kosovo is Feyenoord’s first hurdle to qualify for the Conference League group stage.

”Both the game and the win are important in the preparation”, Arne Slot begins in conversation with ESPN. “It’s a combination of both, I think. It’s nice to win. We really wanted to get a result today and approach it as a game like Thursday’s. The game is important anyway, because you want it to be developed. That was with ups and downs today I must say. Was I not satisfied with today? You always see good things, but I can’t close my eyes to reality. We gave away some great chances. I would like to see that differently.”

”I must say that Werder Bremen has a very nice view of the game. We tried to put pressure on them by means of high intensity, but they played out pretty well”, Slot continues. ”The goal against was an example of an unfortunate moment. If you slip on the midline, it doesn’t necessarily mean that such a great opportunity will come out. The running action was nice, by the way, and he shot it well.”

Pressure is one of the most important pillars in Slot’s tactics. How did he think today went? ”Not unkind. When I go back to the game on Monday with the boys, I think I see a lot of moments where that went well. I think the return on that is low. As I said, don’t close your eyes to reality, the goal is the result of a moment where we put pressure, go back to back and Leroy slip. It is ‘a combination of’. There were good moments, but of course the bad moments have to pass when you play the first official game on Thursday.”

The way of playing Slot ensures that the players, especially compared to last year, have to make a lot of meters. That was noticeable in the last ten minutes. Several players suffered from cramps. Sinisterra also injured his ankle after a tackle. “It’s never nice to see players have to be substituted. It’s also not nice to see players having a hard time persevering. Sure, the intensity of the match was quite high and it was warm, but I’d rather they just keep up the 90 minutes.”

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