“Slap in the face” – inflation and migration: Doskozil speaks plain language

“Even the SPÖ must jump over their shadow”
Politicians are currently experiencing a major loss of confidence. “If the parties don’t recognize the signs, they will be presented with the bill in the next elections.” In the ÖVP, in the Kurz era, “decency has been lost. If the ÖVP is not in power for a while, that can only do the republic good”. But the SPÖ must also jump over their shadow. “If she gets the trust, then it would be a good alternative with green and pink.” In general, more people who speak plain language are needed, says the SPÖ state leader, who is known for plain language. “You often offend, even in your own party, if you have your own opinion. Having party friends is special. But I’m not self-pitying.”

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