ÖSV racing director Christian Mitter after a mixed performance by Levi: “Thank God we now have the runners who are not satisfied with that!”

Austria’s slalom women travel to the next World Cup station in Killington with no top five in Levi’s doubles, but with homework in their luggage. Racing director Christian Mitter saw mixed performances and error-prone drives, and there was also a lack of speed. That is not a cause for concern, even if there is not much time and only one day of training until the next race at the weekend in the USA.

The Slovak Petra Vlhova won both races in front of the American Mikaela Shiffrin and the German Lena Dürr, World Cup ball winner and world champion Katharina Liensberger was sixth and eighth, and of course far below expectations. In the second race Katharina Truppe in ninth place and Katharina Huber in tenth place a red-white-red package with her.

“That was less than expected, that’s definitely not where we want to be. On the other hand, I know how it was two years ago, if you had three out of ten, you were halfway satisfied. Thank God we now have the runners who are not satisfied with it, and neither are we. We have to improve that, “said Mitter. You have to look at the lines individually, “but we haven’t shown any force that we deserve”.

Liensberger was too prone to error, that one is not used to from her. “But I’m not worried,” assured the women boss. Considering the sovereignty of Vlhova and the strong performances of Shiffrin, he said: “Perhaps we can now better classify what Katharina achieved last year, they are two really great ones in skiing, she beat them. But that’s in the past.”

The Vorarlberg woman explained that on Sunday it “felt better in parts”, but that it was not yet constant enough. “The two races didn’t go that way, last year I was always at the top level. You have to know that it is extremely demanding to ski at such a high level. It is really fantastic what Mika and Petra are showing it now to work well. “

The gap to the top – on Saturday it was 1.28 seconds, on Sunday 1.64 – is too much. “I know that there were good sections, but also certain sections where I just didn’t show what I can.” This also applied to the other ÖSV runners, even though the troop and Huber finally left Levi in ​​reconciliation. “On Saturday I was worried. I’m glad that things are going up, we’ll take that with us,” said Truppe.

The Carinthian is also looking forward to the steeper terrain in Killington, Levi with the flat sections just doesn’t suit many. “We all expected a little further up front. I think we will still strike, the season is still long, we don’t need to worry about that yet.” Huber is also pooling positive forces after the start. “We know where we are now, now we have to work to ensure that we are not eighth, ninth, tenth, but further ahead.”

There isn’t much you can do in front of Killington, because apart from travel and a day of training next to the race track, there won’t be any more indoors, said Mitter. “We’ll just keep working and don’t have to try to find something outside of the slope. The truth is on the slope. And the truth is that we are currently not in the slalom.” But in slalom you have a good swing, and in giant slalom you also do better, he noted.

The strongest in slalom is undoubtedly Vlhova, who has made a change in position. “It stands tall and in good shape. You will get a pull on the ski if you release it at the right moment. It will be very difficult if you keep going like this, to bend it. She has the force and the nerves and the victories behind her “, Mitter explained. The Slovak only said that with the new coach “something new, different” had come, that “helped a lot”. “I have a lot of power to keep going and a lot of self-confidence.”

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