Marcel W. Perren (text) and Benjamin Soland (photos)

The ski world is really upside down at the moment! Why? So far it has been the Belgians who have traveled to the Alps to learn to ski. But now it’s the Swiss slalom stars who are preparing for the Olympic winter in the flat country.

Last week, Swiss ski boss Tom Stauffer opened a slope for Daniel Yule (28), Luca Aerni (28), Sandro Simonet (26), Tanguy Nef (24) and Ramon Zenhäusern (29) in the ski hall of the small Flemish town of Peer ( 16,400 inhabitants). Our alpine savior Bernhard Russi (73) claps his hands enthusiastically when he hears about the «Zig-Zackers» trip to Belgium: «The slalom slope at the Olympic Games in Beijing is not really steep. That’s why training in the hall this summer makes a lot of sense. “

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