Skymark wears Kariyushi uniform 7th year in Shimojishima, Naha

Skymark wears Kariyushi uniform 7th year in Shimojishima, Naha

Skymark (SKY/BC) ground passenger staff working at Naha Airport and Shimojishima Airport have started wearing “Kariyushi Wear” as their summer uniform. I have been wearing it since 2017, and this year is the 7th year.

Skymark ground staff wearing Kariyushi clothing at Shimojishima Airport (provided by the company)

Skymark ground staff wearing Kariyushi clothing at Naha Airport (provided by the company)

“Kariyushi” is an Okinawan dialect meaning “happy”. Kariyushi wear is a shirt sewn in Okinawa Prefecture with a pattern that expresses Okinawan style, and has become established as a summer outfit.

Since its bankruptcy in January 2015, Skymark has been advocating community-based services. At Naha Airport, ground staff requested that they welcome passengers in Okinawan summer clothing, and the company decided to wear Kariyushi wear for the first time. After that, in Okinawa Prefecture, since the flight to Shimojishima Airport started on October 25, 2020, it is now worn at two airports, and started on May 1st this year.

The design is inspired by the new uniform introduced in 2016, with the brand color “Sky Blue” and blue from the clear blue sky of Okinawa as the overall base color, and the hibiscus that symbolizes Okinawa. It is said that the motif of the airplane was placed as an accent everywhere to express the Skymark character.

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