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Apparently, two departments at the pay TV provider from Unterföhring are about to close. It is probably the Technic Field Service and the Sky Creative Services.

An email from Sky boss Devesh Raj has become public informing the workforce about the closure of the departments. The online portal “Clap” quotes from this. This coincides with information from DIGITAL TELEVISION and other media reports. There is probably something to it. Over 110 jobs could be lost as a result of the restructuring. The works council has been informed. Negotiations are to follow. The affected employees are apparently being offered severance pay. Similar measures were taken at Sky Italia almost five months ago (DIGITAL TELEVISION reported). Initially, there was even talk of 4,000 jobs being lost. The dismantling, however, did not affect entire departments and apparently was not carried out as drastically as feared.

The Technical Field Service is responsible for customers with technical problems. Apparently, this area of ​​responsibility should not be completely eliminated, but should be outsourced. Sky Creative Services will take care of the clips relating to the program. A pan-European solution is the most likely here, in which all Sky branches will act together in the future. This is at least clear from the email quoted.

There it goes on, in the words of Sky CEO Raj: “Such decisions are never easy, but they are the right decisions for Sky.”

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  • Sky building reception: © Sky Germany

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