James Van Der Beek (44) and his Kimberly have become parents for the sixth time! The actor and his wife had been trying for a long time to have a sibling for their five children – but the two suffered two miscarriages. But after these hard strokes of fate, the couple has great reason to be happy: They have now secretly had their sixth baby!

The Dawson’s Creek actor brought the happy news on Instagram: “We are humbled and overjoyed to announce the safe and happy arrival of Jeremiah Van Der Beek.” In addition, the 44-year-old shared some photos of the newborn. At the same time, James explained why he and Kimberly had kept the pregnancy to themselves. “After going through late-stage pregnancy losses twice in a row (both in the 17th week of pregnancy), we didn’t say anything this time. In all honesty, I was shocked when I found out,” he admitted.

A doctor in Texas determined why Kimberly lost the other two babies – the reason was a weakened cervix. This was remedied by an intervention: “Kimberly gave birth naturally at the ranch … and here we are.”

James Van Der Beek and his son Jeremiah
Kimberly Van Der Beek with her son
James and Kimberly Van Der Beek’s son, Jeremiah


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