The Saint Bernard dog, who had climbed Scafell Pike in England with her owners last Friday, became unwell during the descent.

Back leg pain

The dog, who weighs 55 kilos, seemed to get more and more pain in her hind legs. At a certain moment there was no movement in the animal.

The owners then decided to call the police, who immediately called in a rescue team. “Our employees didn’t hesitate for a second,” a Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team spokesperson told The Guardian.

“Because they have pets of their own and immediately thought of their own rescue dog, they recognized the dire situation.”

Highest mountain in England

The rescuers then climbed Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in England at 978 meters. Saint Bernard Daisy was given painkillers and lifted onto a barn card by the rescue workers.

“We had to make some adjustments to make the stretcher dog-friendly,” explains the spokesperson. “She was the perfect victim and quickly resigned herself to the situation with her chin on the stretcher.”

Rescue operation

According to the spokesman, the rescue operation was then no different from that of an adult. “We saved people from the mountains hundreds of times.” The sixteen rescuers alternated during the journey down. All in all, the rescue operation lasted over five hours.

Normally Saint Bernard are used as rescue dogs in the mountains, this time the roles were reversed.


“Daisy must have felt guilty that she couldn’t uphold the reputation of St Bernard’s,” the spokesman jokes. “While her peers rescue people in the snowy Alps, she was carried down on a stretcher.”