Six Xbox Game Pass games to get you through the Christmas quarantine

It is very likely that some of you will have to spend this Christmas in quarantine. But nothing better than Xbox Game Pass to accompany the moment. Although the confinement time has been reduced to 7 days, you may have to spend more time at home. So Microsoft’s service becomes a great alternative for these moments, as it already happened in March 2020. Microsoft became a practically essential video game company since the pandemic began and this holidays, with the increase in infections, it returns to position itself as the cheapest alternative to enjoy this world. So we want to take the opportunity to recommend six titles both fun and short, perfect to spend these days in a pleasant and entertaining way.

Six Xbox Game Pass games that we recommend to pass the quarantine:

But, as you know, Microsoft updates its Xbox Game Pass catalog quite regularly, so keep an eye on the news that is to come in the face of January. 2022 is billed as an especially powerful year for the service, with exclusives like Starfield, Redfall, and of course Hellblade 2 when it launches, staying in the catalog permanently. Or third-parties like A Plague Tale: Requiem, STALKER 2, Scorn or Sniper Elite 5, which will arrive at launch so that all users can enjoy it.

These are ours Six Xbox Game Pass Recommendations to pass this quarantine. What are yours?

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