Six Nice Used Trucks You Can Buy For $4 Million

Six Nice Used Trucks You Can Buy For $4 Million

The segment of the vans medium is the most demanded in Argentina, with representatives such as Toyota Hilux, Volkswagen Amarok and Ford Ranger among the best sellers.

However, this growth in sales and market share occurred at the same time that prices multiplied in a short time, so that, to acquire a 0km medium truckone has to disburse at least $8 million.

That is the price of the cheapest double cab versions, which have 4×2 traction, a value that can reach up to $14,000,000 in the full options, with 4×4 traction; without counting the most sporty (Volkswagen Amarok V6 and Toyota Hilux GR-S), which exceed $16 million.

With the objective of widening the price gap so that more buyers can reach their long-awaited truck, we went out to probe the market and look for options that can be purchase with half the money needed for a 0km van, always within the medium segment.

Truck options for $4 million

To search for some models of medium trucks, we take as a reference the values ​​of the Automotive Chamber of Commerce (CCA) that are updated every month.

To find options for $4 million, The models are from the year 2009 to 2010, with some exception 2011most with the base trim level.

Used Toyota Hilux, single cab, a cheaper option.

Used Toyota Hilux, single cab, a cheaper option.

In the case of the Toyota Hilux, which is the best-selling truck among used ones and also the 0km, a 2009 STD version (it is cheaper than the DX), double cabin, is priced at $3,912,000, while a 2010 version costs $4,093,000. In the case of opting for a DX, the value amounts to $4,357,000 in a 2009.

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Ford Ranger, one of the best-selling used.

Ford Ranger, one of the best selling used trucks.

In Fordto buy one Ranger with $4 million, we found a version XL with 3.0 engine and year 2011, with a price of $3.902.000. For those who need it to be 4×4, an XLT, 2009, amounts to 4,056,000 pesos.

Volkswagen Amarok, another highly sought after used van.

Volkswagen Amarok, another highly sought after used van.

Volkswagen Amarok It is another of the best sellers both among 0km and second-hand trucks. In this case, a 2.0 version Trendline engine, 2010 model, has a value of $4,028,000, while a 2011 Start model costs 4,100,000 pesos.

Used Chevrolet S10, one of the most economical options.

Used Chevrolet S10, one of the most economical options.

Yes, from a Chevrolet S10 it is about, we find newer options for the agreed budget. For example, for a 2013 model 2.8 TD STD, they ask for $3,716,000, while a 2012 model 4×4 costs 4,066,000 pesos.

Nissan Frontier, another affordable used.

Nissan Frontier, another affordable used.

Rounding out the offering of midsize trucks that can be purchased for $4 million, we found Nissan Frontier, with some 2009 models (at that time it was imported). In this case, a SE 4×4, which is the full, year 2009, is listed at $3,830,000. That is to say, it is the most economical complete that is found.

Mitsubishi L200, a successful truck among the used ones.

Mitsubishi L200, a successful truck among the used ones.

There is also the Mitsubishi L200, with the TDI 2.5 Sport 4WD model 2009 at $3,938,000, or one with the same characteristics, but 4×2, 2010, at 4,006,000 pesos.

What should be taken into account when buying a used truck?

Within the used vehicle segment, the Toyota HIlux, Ford Ranger and Volkswagen Amarok vans are among the 10 most sought after models, with double cabs being the preferred ones, with 4×2 traction for mixed use (city and country) or 4×4 if it is only for work.

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Regarding the care that must be taken into account for the purchase, one of the most important aspects is to review the number of kilometers. It happens that, if they have a long journey, you have to check the state of the units very carefully.

Ideally, do not exceed 100,000 km. However, since this is difficult with so many years of use, more than the mileage, the amount and frequency of vehicle maintenance must be taken into account, which should be once every 5,000 or 10,000 km, depending on the model. If the truck has gone through an authorized technical service every time it was due, the mileage can be around 150,000 km without a problem.

Another aspect to check is the bodywork and paint, check that there are no hits and that all the doors open and close properly. It is also necessary check the box or back to make sure there is no damage. It is also vitally important to ask the seller if the car was in a crash, and that tires do not exceed 50,000 km of use,

Inside, the state of a truck is indicative of the type of use it has been given. If the truck is relatively new, but shows excessive wear on the inside, it has likely been used for heavy-duty work, compromising the condition of the engine. In addition to looking at the seats, you have to look at the state of the carpets, roof covering, steering wheel and levers.

Finally, it is always prudent to perform a Driving test, where to check the operation of the brakes, suspension and traction. At that time you can notice noises or failures that are only perceived with the car running.

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