The veterinary hospital, the $ 30 bond and the satellite are some projects that Bukele copies from the Venezuelan dictator.

Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele has not had originality in the execution of some strategies since there are a series of projects that have had the Venezuelan dictatorship as a precedent. That is, he has copied them from the dictator Nicolás Maduro.

Veterinary Hospital

One of those projects is the latest announced: the construction of the Veterinary Hospital that was revealed on Saturday by Bukele with the “excess Bitcoin trust.”

The president wrote on his Twitter account: “we decided to invest a part of that money” in the construction of “a veterinary hospital for all our little dogs.”


1. Delivery of food boxes.

2. Introduction of cryptocurrency to the country.

3. Delivery of bonus of $ 30.

4. Use of state application.

5. Satellite.

6. Construction of a Veterinary Hospital.

Venezuela launched a similar project in 2014: the Misión Nevado Veterinary Diagnostic Center. In social networks, photographs of Nicolás Maduro with a cat in his arms and Hugo Chávez with a dog circulate, this as part of the publicity of the veterinary project, whose motto was “the capacity to love is infinite.”

“On June 13, 2014 we inaugurated the Nevado Mission Veterinary Diagnostic Center in Av Bolivar de Caracas Venezuela. I am proud to have been able to contribute a grain of sand to make this initiative of President Nicolás Maduro a reality, ”Ernesto Villegas Poljak, Minister for Culture of the Venezuelan country, wrote then in a tweet.

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Cryptocurrency, bond and state application

The introduction of a cryptocurrency in the country, the delivery of a voucher to the population and the implementation of a state application are other communication and political strategies that Bukele has imitated from Nicolás Maduro.

On June 24, the Salvadoran president announced at a press conference about the delivery of $ 30 converted into Bitcoin to all the people who download the “Chivo” application to use Bitcoin, as a strategy to promote the use of cryptocurrency.

So did Maduro in 2018 when Maduro decided to introduce the petro as a legal tender backed by Venezuela’s oil, gas, and gold.

The currency was used through a state application called Patria and the Venezuelan government began promoting its use among major businesses. A year after starting the petro in the country, Maduro announced the delivery of a half petro bonus to each pensioner and public sector employees.

“I have decided to give health workers half a petro in December so that they can go out with the convertible petro to satisfy everything they need. Half petro to health workers. Explain it well: a half petro is $ 30, more or less, a little more, “said Maduro in 2019.

Another of the ideas that seems inspired by Maduro is the intention of sending a Salvadoran satellite into space.

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Salvadoran satellite

“We want El Salvador to achieve great things and we will only do that by working together. We open the call for all national scientists and those who want to support us to make and put into orbit the First Salvadoran Satellite “The Cuscatlán Satellite” ”, was the message from the Undersecretary of Innovation, Fabrizio Mena, which Bukele shared on September 30, adding an icon of the Salvadoran flag.

Venezuela has already had the Simón Bolívar satellite in orbit for several years, so much so that it has already completed its useful life and Maduro announced last month that the South American country would send another. “It must be recognized that the Simón Bolívar satellite has completed its life cycle. We are building a new communication satellite of the highest technology and we are advancing with other satellites from the geomatics room of the ABAE, ”Maduro said according to the Internet portal Noticiero digital.

Boxes with food as an electoral tool

According to a publication of the digital magazine expansion, the Venezuelan president launched in 2016 the delivery of a box of food to deal with the lack of food and medicine, and it would also have been used for electoral purposes. These are the boxes of the Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP) that included bags of rice, pasta, grains, oil, powdered milk, mayonnaise, cans of tuna among others.

Each box was printed with the faces of Maduro and his late predecessor Hugo Chávez.

In El Salvador, the Government of Bukele also gave the citizens boxes with food from the Health Emergency Program (PES) with the label “Social Welfare” and with the logos of the Salvadoran Government printed. In fact, it was some central government officials who delivered some boxes in the framework of the elections for mayors and deputies of 2021.

The digital newspaper El Faro revealed in a publication that around the Bukele government there is a group of Venezuelan advisers linked to the opposition in that country, and who function as the main decision makers in the Bukele government.

In other words, the same Venezuelans who fought against Maduro’s actions are the ones who promote the same projects in El Salvador.

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