The Mossos d'Esquadra have detained six people in two actions in which they have dismantled five marijuana plantations with 8,000 plants distributed among the municipalities of the Alt Empordà (Girona) region of Palau de Santa Eulàlia i Garrigàs, according to the Mossos with a statement.

The first case was on Wednesday when the Mossos arrested three men between 24 and 43 years of age for an alleged crime against public health in an operation to dismantle hidden plantations between fields near the River Fluvià in the Palace of Santa Eulalia. In this police device, the Mossos helicopter was a point of difficult access, as well as the agents of Rural Agents and Firemen – to locate and destroy the plants. The security forces found two plantations with 2,984 marijuana plants, with a market value of 211,207 euros, according to estimates of the National Narcotics Office. The three detainees were in a tent and, when they saw the police officers, tried to escape without success. A judge in custody of Figueres (Girona) decreed his admission to provisional jail.

In the second performance, the Mossos arrested three men between 23 and 38 years old on Wednesday for an alleged crime against public health after investigating the existence of hidden plantations of marijuana in Garrigàs: they located 5,323 Plants worth more than 510,000 euros.

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