Photo: Bernd von Jutrczenka / dpa

Berlin. After racist chats became known, six Berlin police students were suspended. You are not allowed to continue your education at the University of Law and Economics, as police spokesman Thilo Cablitz said of the German Press Agency. The university provides training for the higher and higher police forces. “We have a clear stance, it’s about character suitability for the police profession and it’s about loyalty to the constitution,” said the spokesman.

The public prosecutor is investigating seven suspects for alleged incitement to hatred. You are accused of having sent messages with inhuman content in a chat group with 26 members. The police have also initiated disciplinary proceedings against the suspected men and women. A police spokeswoman said on Monday that one person did not participate in the chats in such a serious way to be able to pronounce a ban on official business as the other six.

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According to the public prosecutor’s office, individual notices in which swastikas are said to have been used were also directed against asylum seekers in a racist and contemptuous manner. The genocide of the Jews was played down in other news. A police officer reported the case. During searches the week before, smartphones were seized as evidence. At first, the students did not know each other personally because they had online lessons because of Corona, the spokeswoman said. dpa / nd