Six arrested after major police action in Enschede and Delden

“We believe that this is a criminal organization,” police chief Arjan Derksen told the regional broadcaster. “We can say that these six suspects know each other and that they are related.” He does not rule out the possibility that more arrests and raids will follow.

The police have been working on this case for a long time. Research has been going on for a year. “We’ve accelerated it in the last five months,” says Derksen. “For us, this is a case of great magnitude, judging by the amount of agents who have been involved in this.”

This morning’s actions are not the final piece of the investigation, he assures. “We are continuing with our research team to find out. It will be months before we reach a conclusion.”

During the raid, the police received help from the Special Interventions Service, in which the police work together with defense personnel, among others. On Twitter, the police say that the raid may have caused noise pollution in the vicinity of the invaded buildings.

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