Nickayla’s heart is broken after the death of her sister Naya. “Sister, I can’t put into words how much I love you,” she writes on Instagram. “On either side or far apart, our bond is endless and unbreakable.” According to Nickayla, they were ‘complete opposites’ and yet ‘exactly the same’. “I couldn’t have imagined losing you would mean finding so much of you in myself,” she writes.

“You’ve always been in my life and I still can’t imagine it without you,” Nickayla continues. “My world is turned upside down. We will always be who we were, ”she writes. She will love Naya “forever” and “miss” her every second of her life, she concludes.

Naya’s drowning came as a shock to the world and Gleefans. Her body was searched for days. The US authorities certainly think they know what her last minutes looked like, as the video below shows.