Sister-in-law confirmed – Charlène is not moving to Prince Albert in the palace for the time being


After her return, Charlène prefers to reside in her two-room apartment instead of in the princely palace. Your spokeswoman reports.

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It’s official: Princess Charlène will not reside in the palace with Albert and the twins.

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Princess Charlène of Monaco landed safely at home on Monday.

Princess Charlène of Monaco landed safely at home on Monday.


This was shown by the first paparazzi photos from the airport.

This was shown by the first paparazzi photos from the airport.


  • Charlène has been back in Monaco since Monday.

  • Nevertheless, the princess does not move back to the palace with her husband, Prince Albert (63).

  • She currently lives in her two-room apartment, which is about 300 meters from the palace.

  • Her spokeswoman and sister-in-law Chantell Wittstock confirmed this to the “Daily Mail”.

On Sunday evening, Princess Charlène boarded the plane in Durban, South Africa, and on Monday morning was able to hug her husband, Prince Albert (63), and their two children in front of the palace in Monte-Carlo. However, she will not move in there for the time being. This confirmed Charlène’s sister-in-law, Chantell Wittstock, at the request of the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

Accordingly, it is unclear whether the princess will ever make the palace her main residence again. At the moment, Charlène is said to be living in her two-room apartment only a few hundred meters away from her husband and the children. “She has only just come back, so everyone has to find their way around first,” explains Wittstock.

At the same time, she makes it clear: The princess is very happy to have her children around again, and the twins are overjoyed that their mother is back with them. “We’ll see where she’ll settle in. But she will be with her husband and children », Wittstock continues – but it may not be possible to live with them around the clock.

The rumors persist

According to the British newspaper, however, it is not the first time for Charlène that she has moved out of the palace and went to her apartment. This is said to have been the case as early as January, before her trip to South Africa. After almost a year of absence and the staged photo opportunity earlier this week, her absence from the princely residence casts a shadow of doubt on the relationship between the Monegasque royals.

The family get-together on Monday alone caused speculation about the state of the Grimaldis’ marriage, even though the photos were shared on their respective Instagram accounts.

Health status update

Wittstock also gives an update on the princess’s state of health: “The treatments that were carried out on Charlène were successful. From a medical point of view, she was ready to fly back. With her recovery it looks good and she will soon find her way back to full strength and give full throttle – but that takes time. “

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