Singapore: 23,000 Dengue Flle

Significant increase in dengue cases

The National Environment Agency (NEA) reports a total of 23,267 dengue fever cases in Singapore this year (as of August 5, 2022). This is a significant increase in the number of cases compared to the 5,258 dengue cases reported throughout 2021.

The high Aedes aegypti mosquito population together with the favorable climatic conditions and the prevalence of the DENV-3 serotype is expected to ensure that dengue case numbers will remain high in the coming months.

2020 recorded the largest outbreak to date, with more than 35,000 cases and 32 deaths. In 2022, this number could be surpassed. So far, more than 14,000 cases have been reported, with dengue cases starting earlier than usual in March. Weekly cases could surpass the record 1,800 cases set in 2020 and soon surpass 2,000 cases. The usual dengue peak season runs from June to October. Since the dominant strain this year is dengue virus serotype 3 (DENV-3), which has been rarely observed in Singapore, population immunity among Singaporeans is low.

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