“Siné Mensuel” offers 100 years of subscription to the reader who will find the 100 errors in his number 100

To celebrate its 100th issue, the satirical monthly is organizing a fun game, with the acerbic humor we know it.

Four years after the death of its founder Maurice Sinet, known as Siné, Monthly Siné is still standing and is releasing its hundredth issue this month. On this occasion, the satirical monthly organizes a funny game, in line with its acerbic humor.

“We have slipped 100 errors of all kinds in this issue. The first or the first of you who will find them will win a 100-year subscription, promised juror”, writes Catherine Sinet, the widow of Siné, in the editorial of this anniversary issue. The answers will be given in the November issue.

“Fighting onionimy”

Sinet worked nearly thirty years for Charlie Hebdo, between 1981 and 2008. The hundredth issue of Monthly Siné fate, coincidence of the calendar, during the trial of the Charlie and Hyper Cacher. Monthly Siné takes the opportunity to reaffirm its support for the satirical weekly:

“Never Monthly Siné will not cease […] to fight ignominy – religions, censorship, injustices, lies, police violence, crimes against the environment “, concludes Catherine Sinet.