Since when is the Naspi Payment visible in August 2021?

New Naspi payment August 2021: since when is the accreditation date visible?

The Unemployment 2021 Inps (Naspi) is a fundamental aid for those who find themselves having involuntarily lost their job.

The employee can therefore receive the New Employment Social Insurance benefit, or the new Naspi.
What happens in the month of August 2021? From when will the INPS be able to make the payment dates visible?

Requirements unemployment Naspi August 2021

Premise: Unemployment Naspi 2021 it is also compatible with the Citizenship Income, but in this case, it should be remembered that the amount paid with unemployment itself, it is subtracted from that of the citizen’s income.

The new Naspi came into effect from the first months of 2015 and offers monthly financial support (for a maximum of 24 months) to people dismissed or discharged (only in the following cases):

  • resignation during the period of maternity (from 300 days before the expected date of birth and until the child’s first year of life)
  • resignation for just cause (non-payment of wages, having suffered sexual harassment in the workplace, bullying, pejorative modification of work duties, movement of the worker from one location to another without proven reasons and by the abusive behavior put in place by the hierarchical superior;
  • consensual termination of the relationship of work intervened in the context of the preventive and mandatory procedure of attempted conciliation,

Furthermore, to apply for the Naspi you must be in possession of the following requirements:

  • being unemployed,
  • in the 4 years preceding the start of the unemployment period, you must possess at least 13 weeks of contributions;
  • 30 days of work effective, regardless of the minimum contribution, in the previous 12 months the beginning of the period of unemployment;

Calculation Naspi Naspi 2021 online

How is the calculation of Unemployment Naspi 2021? How much do you take with the Unemployment Check?
To calculate the amount of Inps Unemployment, you must:

  1. add up the Inps taxable wages, indicated on the contribution statement, the last four years and divide them by the number of weeks worked in the four-year period,
  2. calculate the average monthly gross salary for the last four years, dividing the total gross salary indicated in point 1 by the number of weeks worked and multiply them by 4.33 (the value 4.33 is the average of the weeks contained in a month).

The gross monthly amount of unemployment is equal to 75% of the average monthly salary, if this salary is equal to or less than the amount of € 1227.55.

On the contrary, if it is higher, the amount of the Naspi will be equal to 75% of 1227.55 euros (€ 920.66) plus 25% of the difference between the average monthly salary (1,373.89 in the example) and the amount of € 1227.55.

Finally, starting from the fourth month, this amount undergoes a progressive and constant reduction of 3% on the previous month and the maximum duration of Naspi Unemployment cannot exceed 24 months.

Naspi payments in 2021

The allowance of Unemployment Naspi, does not have a fixed calendar for payment dates: it is paid neither every month on the same day nor at the beginning of each new month.

The date always varies and INPS publishes the complete details for the monthly payment of Inps unemployment approximately 7-15 days in advance.

I Naspi payments they can be easily consulted through the Social Security Booklet of the INPS.
In this video, taken from our Official YouTube channel, we explain how to view everything quickly and efficiently.

In order to access it is important to have at least one of the following credentials:

  • Pin Inps (no longer released from September 2020)
  • SPID
  • YOU: Electronic Identity Card 3.0
  • CNS: the National Service Charter

Viewing Payment Naspi August 2021: since when?

Based on what happened in previous years, the payment date of the Naspi in August 2021 (with reference to the month of May) should be published on the INPS website between 2 and 7 August 2021.

The payment instead (remaining in the field of hypotheses) should take place between on 9 and 16 August 2021 – The conditional is a must, as the payment date of the Naspi Unemployment varies from month to month.

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To follow all the official dates of the Unemployment Naspi in 2021, our team makes this page available to all users, in which we report month by month, all the payment dates of the new Naspi Inps for the year 2021.

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