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Live together

“Seventeen years ago we fell madly in love with each other. I found him wildly attractive: he was very sensitive and super rock and roll. For adventure I had to be with him. We soon moved in together, as couples are ‘supposed’ to do. He was better at that than I was, I found it difficult to close myself off. Luckily we were both away a lot, which made it easier. Every now and then we popped out of the tent, but then one of us went off for a few days and the weather was good.


When I found out I was pregnant, we were both very happy. This was the time to put our egos aside. Of course I heard that couples lose each other during those tropical years. That you are lived. We, too, were increasingly arguing about work, our agenda… at one point about everything. Not nice for us, terrible for our child Pip.

The love wasn’t gone, but it didn’t work between us anymore. We broke up. Although we were never ‘normal’ exes. A friend pointed out to me that it was crazy that he still brought me soup when I was sick, that I called him immediately after my mother died, and he called me after a car accident. After a year we realized that we were still crazy about each other, but just needed more space.

Long distance relationship

Since we got married, our relationship is better than ever, I’m even more in love with him than I was 17 years ago! Our secret? We only meet if we both feel like it or have the space to do so. That makes it much more pleasant and we are more open to each other. When we choose to be together, we go on a romantic date or do something fun just the three of us.

Everyone around us is happy that we are together again, although there are also people who cannot get used to the fact that we do not live together. When we tell ‘strange’ people about our construction, women usually respond with: ‘That seems wonderful.’ And it is: slats let the love flow!”

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