“Since she’s still alive, there is a chance.”

The results of the new CT scan of MakSim, who was in a medical sleep, were deciphered by a pulmonologist Ivan Tarasenko and made a preliminary prognosis. According to Life, the singer has every chance to survive.

“Judging by the description of CT, this is a serious pathology and, apparently, not only of a viral nature, but also with the addition of bacterial flora. Knowing that a person is on mechanical ventilation and ECMO, the appearance of fluid leaking into the interlobar fissures does not determine the severity of the condition, ”Ivan Tarasenko explained to the publication.

The physician called “signs of initial resolution of viral pneumonia” a good indicator. He added that some of the affected parts of the lung have begun to gradually return to a healthy state, but inflammation in the right lung is still a concern.

In addition, MakSim developed sedative pleurisy – a consequence of a bacterial infection against the background of pneumonia due to coronavirus. This causes respiratory distress. In addition, the singer’s kidney vessels could also be damaged due to a secondary infection.

The doctor hopes that antibiotic and IV therapy will save the singer, but the treatment may be delayed.

“Since she is still alive, it means that she has every chance of living. Young people always have better chances, ”concluded Tarasenko.

We will remind, earlier the doctors said that the disease did not affect the functions of the singer’s brain.


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