“Simpler and faster divorces from today”, the expert's opinion on the Cartabia reform

“Simpler and faster divorces from today”, the expert's opinion on the Cartabia reform

A law that makes divorces “simpler and faster” and that puts “the interests of children and parents at the center”. This, in a nutshell, is the first analysis by Carlo Trionfi, a psychologist and psychotherapist expert in family relationships, on the new rules, in force since March 1, wanted by Marta Cartabia to streamline procedural procedures, including those on the subject of separation. Doctor Trionfi, what are the main innovations introduced by the divorce reform? “It is a law of great interest, which makes useful tools and professionals available to families at the time of the separation crisis and the reshaping of family life. Specifically, the timing and costs of divorce are reduced. The reform aims to shorten divorces by 40%: if before a separation could last even several years, from today it will be difficult to have separations longer than 12 months and the first hearing, which could also be the only one, will necessarily take place within 90 days.Reducing legal and bureaucratic times means also reduce the time dedicated to quarrels in the search for a new family balance and, therefore, the suffering of the children.From an economic point of view, however, reducing the costs of a divorce means helping those who in the past were forced to stay together due to money problems “. There are several new professional figures who will support families in the divorce process, many with the aim of protecting the rights of children. “Yes, the new law puts minors first, placing at the center some figures who support and defend their interests within the separation. For example, the special curator of the minor has gained space: where there is an interest of the boy or child who is not in line, or protectable, with the will of the parent, a sort of lawyer for the minor is appointed with the task of bringing the priorities of the children to the attention of the judge.Furthermore, when there are doubts whether the parents’ choices are in line with the children’s interests, the judge also listens to the opinion of the minor (if older than 12 or deemed mature enough) with respect to family reorganization.Another figure who will support the families, is the judge, during separation is the parental coordinator.This professional, who can also be consulted online and at discounted rates, should help ex-spouses to follow the directives established in court and the parenting plan, i.e. the precise planning on the management of the child. Parents who fail to comply with this program can be sanctioned without having to go back to the classroom”. What is your idea of ​​these new rules? “Speeding up the procedures is certainly an excellent idea, also taking into account the Istat data which show growing marital instability. In addition, I find it positive that we wanted to focus on the protection of minors. The prolongation of the conflict between parents can leave its mark on their children: research tells us that those who have experienced a situation of strong conflict in the family have almost four times the chance of developing moderate or serious developmental problems”. convince you? “The main doubts concern the timing and speed with which the reform was introduced: it seems that the institutions are not ready to follow rapid terms, especially from the point of view of hearings, and dictates that the reform imposes. The management it seems right, but it will take an adjustment period”. Through Zefiro, the online platform that he launched to help parents and children during divorce, he administered a questionnaire to professionals and parents to evaluate these innovations. What were the answers? ” The approval among professionals and parents was very high, especially the former couples are happy with the short times and the opportunity to discuss online c on brokers and professionals. Parents feel recognized the need to be helped and not to be left alone in the moment of separation. And it is precisely with this spirit that Zefiro was born: to make highly specialized legal, psychological and mediation support available to adults and children at affordable prices. All online, with the great advantages of costs and accessibility that this entails”.



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