Calories are important when it comes to health, and they are the main key to losing or gaining weight because they can be easily burned or increased consumption, depending on the goal.

And while burning calories through intense exercise appears to be the only way to shed extra pounds, everyday tasks can play an important role when it comes to speeding up the weight loss process.

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Some studies suggest that vacuuming, ironing, and other daily household tasks may help burn calories.

If you are looking to speed up weight loss in a short period of time, there are a lot of simple household chores and home exercises that you can do to get rid of extra pounds, as they provide a greater chance of getting your blood pumping and raising your heart rate.

Here are the best ways to burn more calories at home:

go up the stairs

Use the stairs in your home or building as an alternative to expensive exercise in the gym.

By going up and down a set of stairs at a regular pace for at least 11 minutes, you will be working your muscles and getting your heart pumping.

This simple method will burn an estimated 100 calories and tone your entire body.


Vacuuming for just 25 minutes can give you a deep, thorough cleaning of your entire home, while burning at least 100 calories in the process.

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For an extra burn, use the Carpet Depilator to deeply clean fine floor fibers while removing pet hair and lint.

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ironing pile

If you’ve been putting off the ironing process for a while, doing it in 40 minutes will help you burn calories while smoothing shirts, skirts, and other clothes.

The ironing motion will help move the arms while standing and strengthen the core.

And you can do this for at least 38 minutes to burn a huge amount of calories and tick off your chores list.

Collecting tree leaves in the garden

Arrangement of fallen leaves in the fall can exercise your entire body and burn a lot of calories in the process.

And just 21 minutes of this essential garden task will get your legs up and your heart pumping, all in the luxury of fresh fall air.

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A study presents a method for bathing that may help burn fat and adapt the body to temperatures

tai chi

This low-impact workout requires minimal effort while giving amazing results.

Tai chi is exercises that combine deep breathing and relaxation with low-intensity movements.

Rhythmic movements move the whole body using slow limb extensions and controlled breathing techniques to help you relax while strengthening your core.

Do 22 minutes of this quiet practice that requires only a small space and is best enjoyed as an outdoor activity.

Lawn mowers

When summer comes, it’s a great time to use your garden as an excuse to keep fit.

Mowing the lawn, for example, for just 16 minutes will keep your lawn luscious and green while you easily burn 100 calories.

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