Simple Mango Outlet dresses that you will wear 24/7: they do not mark, they are fresh and flatter at any age

Simple Mango Outlet dresses that you will wear 24/7: they do not mark, they are fresh and flatter at any age

How many times have you opened the closet and have pronounced the famous phrase: ‘I have nothing to wear’? confess it. When we go shopping, our eyes go to the most striking garments. But without those pieces that support the base of a look, we can’t do anything. One of the essentials are simple dresses and in Mango Outlet we can buy them all. Even if you have already gone to Zara for models that do not mark or are super trendy, we have found the ones you need NOW.

They are garments without very special designs or strident prints. These are the garments on which you can build very versatile looks, from comfortable outfits for the day to sophisticated proposals for the night.

Is about dresses that are based on basic patternsgenerally straight and for this reason they allow accessories such as belts to adjust them, if the occasion requires it, or large earrings to take advantage of their most elegant facet.

Shoes are also a great asset, since with esparto espadrilles we can wear them on a day-to-day basis and with sensible heels they are perfect for the night. Therefore, with them you can have from a guest dress to one for everyday in a single garment.

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These garments can be found in different fabrics. If we opt for a fabric like the satin or knit decorated with glitter the possibilities of the combinations multiply since it is a material that will also fit in the most elegant occasions.

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What types of basic dresses to incorporate into your wardrobe?

  • De tie up. This is the lingerie dress popularized by the model Kate Moss, a simple, straight and long pattern with a spaghetti strap that makes it very sexy and very comfortable at the same time. Add a linen shirt on top to wear it on a day-to-day basis.
  • Of cotton. A cotton dress with which you feel comfortable will save your summer. Choose it in a color that suits you and you will not want to part with it.
  • with some special detail. If you already have the most basic dresses in your closet, you can introduce one with a different detail, although always under the motto of discretion. For example, a bow or a frill.
  • with gathers. It will not be difficult for you to find them because they are everywhere. With this you will add a touch of trend to this basic garment that is also very flattering.
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Simple dresses from Mango Outlet

mango outlet

mango outlet

1 / 10

Simple Mango Outlet Dresses: Black

Black midi cut dress and knitted fabric. With an asymmetrical neckline that is held with a wide strap over one shoulder. Its structure opens slightly into a flared skirt. Cuesta 27,99 euros.

mango outlet 10.99

mango outlet

2 / 10

Simple Mango Outlet Dresses: Paneled

Short sky blue dress with a square neckline and wide straps. With a fitted top and panels on the skirt that give it flare. Cuesta 10, 99 euros.

mango outlet 1399

mango outlet

3 / 10

Mango Outlet simple dresses: loose and long

Strawberry-colored maxi-length dress with a pronounced neckline both on the front and on the back. With a wide strap it slides over the body without adjusting to it. Cuesta 13,99 euros.

mango outlet 20,99

mango outlet 20,99

4 / 10

Simple Mango Outlet dresses: long sleeves

Midi-cut dress with three-quarter sleeves. Straight pattern and box neck. Made in a cream color on a ribbed knit fabric. It costs 20.99 euros.

mango outlet 24.99

mango outlet 24,99

5 / 10

Simple Mango Outlet dresses: with tuxedo neck

Short white dress with tuxedo collar and raglan sleeves. With fitted skirt and zipper for easy putting on. It costs 24.99 euros.

mango outlet 27.99b

mango outlet 27,99b

6 / 10

Mango Outlet simple dresses: hunting green

Midi cut dress in hunting green and flowing fabric. With a flared skirt, V-neckline and buttons in the same fabric. It has an ornament at the front to make a bow at the waist. It costs 27.99 euros.

mango outlet 20,99g

mango outlet 20,99

8 / 10

Simple Mango Outlet dresses: with shirring

Midi-cut dress, with straps and fitted to the body, with details of adjustable gathering on the chest that ends in a bow. It costs 20.00 euros.

mango outlet

mango outlet

9 / 10

Mango Outlet simple dresses: satin

Midi-cut dress in satin fabric with thin straps and gathered on the chest. Cut under the bust and straight pattern. It costs 13.99 euros.

mango outlet 27,99j

mango outlet

10 / 10

Simple Mango Outlet dresses: knitted

Maxi-long knitted dress with sleeves at the armhole and a bow detail on the neck to be able to tie. It is made of green knit decorated with glitter. Cuesta  27,99 euros.



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