Simon Keizer has been cheating on Annemarie for years: ‘Meet women via cam site’

Dark clouds seem to hang over Simon and Annemarie Keizer’s wedding. The two have been married for ten years, but no fewer than seven of Simon’s mistresses have been thrown out of school.

Simon and Annemarie were seen for years as the perfect couple, but nothing could be further from the truth. Recently there were rumors that Simon misbehaved enormously during De Vrienden Van Amstel Live. The singer is said to have taken a different lady to his hotel room every night.

‘Spotted on a cam site’

But there’s more. According to new rumors, Simon has been cheating on him for years. Seven women have opened up about the contact they have with the singer. “These are ladies who have had contact and sex with him in recent years and some are still having sex with him,” Juicechannel reports on Instagram.

The women say they met Simon through a cam site. ,,He is there regularly and tries to get in touch with ladies through there. One lady indicates that she has spotted him here years ago and another lady says that this was with her recently.”


Simon gave his number to the women and called at least once a week. For some it didn’t just stop at calling. ,,They were invited to his office, because Simon has a ‘mencave there’, according to the channel. “He spoke to the other ladies through his fake Snapchat account, through here he also regularly sent spicy photos of himself and asked the ladies for requests.”



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