Silvina Luna died: why isn't Aníbal Lotocki in prison despite having been sentenced to four years?

Silvina Luna died: why isn't Aníbal Lotocki in prison despite having been sentenced to four years?

The doctor is disqualified from practicing and has a four-year sentence for serious injuries, but he will remain free until the sentence is final.

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31/08/2023 – 17,10hs

Murió Silvina Luna: ¿por qué no está preso Aníbal Lotocki a pesar de haber sido condenado a cuatro años?

The surgeon Hannibal Lotocki He is sentenced to four years in prison and without the possibility of practicing medicine, although he is free since the penalty is not firm yet. Now, after the death of the model Silvina Luna, the accusation against the surgeon is going to be aggravated and also her sentence.

For this reason, Lotocki remains free while waiting for the National Chamber of Criminal Cassation to review his sentence of four years in prison and five years of disqualification from practicing medicine.

However, as a result of the death of television panelist Mariano Caprarola, the Court granted a precautionary measure and imposed prohibition to practice medicine until his sentence is final.

The last months of Silvina Luna

The model and actress Silvina Moon, 43 years old, died as a consequence of hypercalcemia that led to acute renal failure, caused by a aesthetic treatment What did the doctor do? Aníbal Lotocki in 2011.

moon was admitted to the Italian Hospital since June. His lawyer Fernando Burlando, had assured that the model “really fighting for her life, for her recovery.” It is being a tireless fight. And these things mean that it is not known what can happen,” said the lawyer in Poco Correctos, by El Trece.

This Thursday there were no improvements. AND Jorge Rialat noon, gave more details about his health: “All we are going to say is this, this family decision obviously to disconnect Silvina. Unfortunately this has just happened. Nothing, it is in the hands of God, or what you believe,” the driver from Argenzuela reported on Radio 10.

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The model and actress Silvina Lunadied as a result of malpractice by Aníbal Lotocki

Luna’s health problems began due to an aesthetic intervention carried out in 2011 by Hannibal Lotockiwho at that time injected biopolymers into her buttocks as part of the treatment that ended up causing hypercalcemia and kidney failure in his body.

For this fact, the doctor was sentenced by the Oral and Correctional Court No. 28 of the City of Buenos Aires to four years in prison -and five years of disqualification from practicing medicine- for the crime of serious injuries in a case that was initiated against him. together Silvina, Stefy Xipolitakis, Gabriela Trenchi and Pamela Sosa.

The former participant of El Hotel de los Famosos -the last program in which he participated, last year- entered the Italian Hospital last June accompanied by his brother Ezequiel -who has been by his side since he began with his health problems- and days after She had to be admitted to the intensive care unit.. Until then, four hours of dialysis three times a week since his kidneys stopped working. And she was waiting for a transplant.

The actress was on the waiting list of the Incucai (Instituto Nacional Central Único Coordinador de Ablation e Implanta) for a kidney transplant, but different complications led her to a state that in the last few hours became irreversible.

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