Silent Hill without Konami? – Fans are tinkering with Remake in Unreal Engine 5

Want a remake of the first Silent Hill game? Well, Konami doesn’t confirm it, although there are “leaks and rumors” about it at times on a daily basis. The only remake actually in the works is a fan-made original remake in Unreal Engine 5.

A group called “Codeless Games” has been working on said Silent Hill original remake for at least 5 months. The first video shows the protagonist Harry Mason taking his first steps into the mysterious, mist-shrouded city of Silent Hill. The pre-alpha gameplay video showed us what happens to Silent Hill after the siren goes off. The hobby developers still have to work on the facial animation, but otherwise it looks very much like Silent Hill.

Silent Hill: The fan remake is so “oppressive”.

A new video from Codeless Games shows us the dark and dingy Midwich Elementary School. Of course, the first thing you’ll notice is the amazing Unreal Engine 5 lighting as Mason stalks through the school and activates his flashlight when the school’s neon lights go out. Long shadows and flickering lights create an extremely disturbing atmosphere, while the hollow footsteps and spooky ambient music add to the constant queasy feeling.

There’s even a shootout in the video when Mason shoots a mumbler. This allows us to clearly see the game’s reload animations, which admittedly look pretty professional. We also see the menu that still looks a bit “old-fashioned”. Mason can pick up several items in Silent Hill Remake to use later during the many different puzzles.

More about Silent Hill

As already mentioned, there have already been some rumors about an official remake of the game. A new Silent Hill has already been canceled by Hideo Kojima and his development studio, who is working on an exclusive Xbox title. The Blobber Team (The Medium) has already canceled. A recent brand update sparked new hopes for a remake, but so far there has been no further official information about it.



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