Although there are many treatments to make up for a deficiency Vitamins But many people still suffer from a deficiency of vitamins. Here are some signs that your body issues that indicate a deficiency of vitamins provided by Brightside.

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1. Numbness in the extremities

There are not enough foods rich inVitamins B6, B12 and B9 (folic acid). These vitamins affect the nutritional mass that is used to produce the healthy blood cells needed to transport oxygen to the cells, and their deficiency causes numbness in the extremities.

2. Bumps on the hips and hands

Acne-like bumps appear due to a deficiency Vitamins A and D are fatty acids.

Try to reduce the amount of trans fat consumed. You should eat a lot of salmon and nuts. Don’t forget the vitamin A found in vegetables such as carrots or sweet red peppers.

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3. Yellow in the whites of your eyes

Indicates Yellowing Eye whites to vitamin B12 deficiency.

Add more vitamin sources into your diet. There is a lot of vitamin B12 in the liver of beef, chicken, milk, salmon, tuna and lamb.

4. Gingivitis

Vitamin D deficiency. Research has shown that people who lack vitamin D often have gingivitis.

A diet that contains foods rich in calcium, phosphorous and vitamin D is very important for your dental health. Eat dairy products, brown rice, tomatoes, beans, fish, citrus fruits, and grapes.