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VENICE – Carabinieri at work to track down the health workers who have not fulfilled their vaccination obligation and wanted to be crafty. “The Nas are doing their checks,” said the general director of Ulss 3 Serenissima Edgardo Contato the day before yesterday. These are all-round checks: both to identify individuals who work despite having been suspended by their professional order, and to see the papers, ascertaining the truthfulness or conformity of the declarations produced, for example, for exemption.


“The law says it’s the employer who has to check. In the company it is easier, however the problem can arise more easily among private individuals, where one is an employer of oneself », the Ulss considers.


At the entry into force of the vaccination obligation, in April last year, 1,700 health workers in the Serenissima were outlawed. In recent months, an enormous job has been done to convince those who are reluctant or opposed to the goodness of prophylaxis and to clarify every single position. At the moment just under a thousand health workers are unvaccinated, including doctors, nurses, social health workers and all the other figures who have to do with health: for example pharmacists, psychologists, speech therapists. About 200 are direct employees of the ULS. It should be remembered that for health professionals from December 15 there is also the obligation of the third dose of vaccine and checks will also be activated on this.


Meanwhile, on the epidemiological front, Covid continues to run very fast. The daily bulletin of Azienda Zero della Regione yesterday recorded another 1,910 new infected in the province and 15,236 currently positive. The hospitalizations have risen to 235, with 33 intensive therapies. Another record day. Ulss 3 Serenissima announced that vaccinations continue today and Sunday, stopping instead tomorrow, while the swabs go on without stopping. “Even the day before yesterday, 3 thousand of the 6 thousand tests carried out overall in the area were carried out in drive throughs, repeating the exceptional performance of the previous days”, explains Contato. A figure that highlights the significant reduction in demand in pharmacies and private medical centers, given that in recent days the total had jumped to 15 thousand tests, but still very strong pressure on public stations which can be accessed while sitting in the car. As for vaccinations, for today the health company had already made available in all about 6 thousand slots, of which 2,700 have been booked. Another 6 thousand are scheduled for Sunday, with 4,400 bookings. Tomorrow, New Year, the activity is suspended.
From Monday to Sunday 9 January the slots available are 42,500, of which just under 30 thousand have been booked. Access is allowed upon reservation, but it is free to receive the first dose, for all categories that have the obligation (school, health, law enforcement) and for those over 80 who have to do the third.

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On the buffers front, however, screening continues uninterrupted: for school groups today and tomorrow at the PalaExpo, tomorrow at the Mirano bowling alley and at the Dolo sports hall. All stations will be open on Sunday: Mestre, Noale, Oriago, Dolo, Venice, Lido and Chioggia; Mestre and Noale, in particular, open all day from 8 to 24. Ulss 3 reminds you that a medical prescription is strictly required to receive the tampon. In addition, the appeal to citizens is renewed to use it only if they have a prescription from the family doctor or from the Public Health and Hygiene Service. He asks everyone to access after booking, which can also be made by the family doctor: all improper accesses or without a prior reservation complicate the already complex work that is taking place and further penalize those users who are fully entitled to receive the tampon. The 48-hour pro green pass paid tampons are performed only in Venice and only today in the Red Cross buffer points in Piazza San Marco and Piazzale Roma.




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