Siege of the Austrian city of Wiener Neustadt by King Matthias Corvinus

The Siege of Wiener Neustadt (January 13 – August 17, 1487) was an episode of the Austro-Hungarian War between Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor and Matthias Corvinus, King of Hungary.

Among the commanders who accompanied Matia we can list Peter Geréb de Vingard, Ștefan Zápolya, Ștefan Báthory or Laurentiu de Ilok, who were joined by the famous knights of the Black Army. On the other side of the barricade were Hanns von Wulfestorff, Caspar von Lamberg, Bartholomeus von Starhemberg, Andreas Gall, Ladislaus Prager, Alexander Schiffer, Tiburtius von Linzendorf, Leonhard Fruhmann, Johann Karrer, writes The Corvinor Castle Museumon the institution’s Facebook page.

The city of Wiener Neustadt was well defended by the fortification system, and its suburbs were protected by smaller ditches, but sufficient to repel possible attacks. At the same time, the area around the city being marshy, it confused the besiegers even more. The fortifications were equipped with arquebuses capable of firing at a distance of 2,000 paces.

Matias sent Ştefan Zapolya, Laszlo Kanizsay, Jakob Székely, Wilhelm Tettauer and Ştefan Báthory to initiate the siege in 1486. ​​They built four siege towers and on 13 January 1487 hostilities began.

Matias noticed that the encirclement of the city was not tight enough, and for this reason, he ordered the construction of additional siege towers, also introducing the rotation of soldiers, so that the different army corps could fight with always fresh soldiers.

The dreaded and efficient Black Army was ordered to attack the suburbs, which, after crossing the trenches, it set on fire. In the midst of the conflict, the drawbridge collapsed, causing the death of many people, who fell into the ditch and drowned, while others were killed by Black Army soldiers. Gradually they advanced towards the city gates.

Matias arrived at the ditch in front of the “Viennese Gate”, where he placed the heavy firearms, including six huge cannons captured from the Ottomans, also ordering the ditches to be filled in, to allow drawbridges to be built. He also ordered the bombardment of the fortifications to continue, destroying six towers.

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Without these towers, the garrison of Wiener Neustadt found itself without buildings tall enough to mount long-range firearms. The solution to this problem was the decision to mount firearms on the bell towers of the churches in the city, from where the bombardment of the Hungarian camp continued. In this situation, although he was a devout Christian, Matias allowed the bombing of churches.

Meanwhile, the besiegers managed to bring supplies into the city and set fire to two siege towers.

After seven months of fighting, the representatives of the city went to Matia Corvin to demand an end to hostilities, but the truce was concluded only on August 17, 1487.

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